IT Assurance/Performance

Effective enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are the heart of what we do. It helps you address IT investment risk, cyber crime through project and system failure to security breaches and software compliance.

We realized that no single vendor is in a position to deliver all changes that enterprises require, and all that business transformation and enablement entails. So, We worked hard and assembled the strongest team and partner ecosystem in the industry.

Assisting our clients toward high-assurance and high-performance business

IT Governance
Establishment of IT policy and SOP for controlling your IT services and data management.

Enterprise Architecture
Alignment of IT and business objective for better return on IT investment program.

Audit Management
Development of audit procedure, planning, staffing, field work, and reporting.

Risk Management
Using a systematic approach to identify, assess, decision, treat, and monitor risks.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Plan company business continuity and disaster recovery to enable crisis management.

Compliance Management
Incorporate regulation and compliance requirement for cost-effective good corporate governance program.

Security & Threat Management
Conduct penetration testing, assess potential security incidents and data breaches.

Understanding IT-related risks and values

IT Value Enablement Risk
The use technology failed to improve efficiency or effectiveness of business process or as enabler for new business initiative i.e. ineffective enterprise architecture, incorrect technology selection, missing IT strategy.

IT Project Delivery Risk
Associated to loss contribution of IT project to new or improved business solutions i.e. project overrun, irrelevance project, lack of quality, scope creep.

IT Operation and Service Delivery Risk
Associated with loss of performance, reliability and availability of current IT systems and services i.e. security breach, unplanned downtime, compliance issue.